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4th Of July is celebrated for USA Independence day, get best 4th of July quotes, images, sayings, messages, pictures for fourth July independence Day.

Funny April Fools Text Messages, Pictures, Pics, Photos

Funny April Fools Text Messages: – Hi, Everyone!!! here we going to display the most amusing April Fools Day messages, text, SMS and pictures, you can apply claim known the individual. first April is commended as April Fools each year that you implies tricks, jokes with other as a result of April Fools Day. So you can share these quotes, saying our friends and say the Happy Fools Day. It is not a national occasion. On the off chance that you know extraordinary amusing platitudes about the April first. So you can share these post on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram others sites.

Funny April Fools Text Messages

  • A recent study has proved that
    Fools use their thumb while reading SMS.
    Now it’s too late,
    Don’t try to change your finger!
    Try to catch some other fool!
  • U r very importantly to me,
    It’s impossible 4 me to live without U even 4 a second!
    U r my life & I can feel U everywhere
    Don’t mind! I am talking about oxygen.
  • U R the one who is Handsome
    U R the one who is Intelligent
    U R the one who is Smart
    And I am the One who is spreading these Rumours.
  • Someone…
    Misses U…
    Needs U…
    Worries about U
    Is lonely without U
    Guess Who?
    A Monkey in the zoo…
  • You are really a CUTE person!
    Just a second, don’t misunderstand.
    CUTE means:

Funny April Fools Ttext Messages

  • Today, tomorrow and forever
    There will be one heart
    That would always beat for you.
    You know whose???
    Your Own Stupid!!!
  • Feeling bored?
    Wondering, what to do?
    Open the zip!
    Enter your hands in between your zip…
    Take out your…
    Book from your bag and study…
  • If people say u r fool, be patient.
    If they say u r monkey, relax.
    If they say u r stupid, be cool
    But if they say u r smart,
    Thapad maar sale ko.
  • U will be a Rose for all Trees
    U will be a Smile for all Faces
    U will be Water Falls for all Hills
    U will be a Brother
    For all Cute Girls!
  • When ur life is in darkness
    Pray to God ask him to free u from darkness
    And if u r still in darkness
    Then please pay ur Electricity Bill
  • Always keep your lover’s photo in your purse.
    Whenever you are in big trouble, see the photo.
    You will feel that the problem your facing is trivial…
  • Since I have met u,
    I have realized that a friend like you
    Is worth million dollars…
    So, if u don’t mind……
    May I sell you?
  • When u feel lonely n alone &
    Can’t see anyone around u,
    The world seems to be fading away,
    Come along with me.
    I’ll take u to an Eye Specialist.
  • If ever in your life
    U r very sad n feel that
    U have lost everything,
    I’ll come, hold ur hand,
    Take u for walk on a bridge and
    Show u where to jump.
  • This dog, is dog, a dog,
    good dog, way dog, to dog,
    keep dog, a dog, idiot dog,
    busy dog, for dog, 20 dogs, seconds dog!
    Now read it without the word dog.
  • Hi,
    Doing nothing?
    Then make a place,
    For me in ur Heart!!
    I May come there anytime!
    Ur’s Faithfully,

    “Heart Attack”

  • When u feel sad,
    Go to mirror and say,
    “Damn, I am so cute”.
    U will overcome your sadness.
    But don’t make this a habit.
    Coz liars go to hell.
  • Hey get ready, my marriage is fixed.
    It’s on the 1st day of April. Surprised?
    Stupid, 1st April is April fool, and u r the 1st person I have fooled.
  • If you are in tension,
    And nothing seems right,
    If u find no way out,
    Then just think of me only once,
    I will be always there to Increase your tensions.
  • If today any 1 talks & praises u 4 ur
    1) good looks
    2 ) nature
    3 ) style
    4 ) attitude,
    kick them off.
    How dare they fool u before April 1st.
  • Just a friendly reminder –

    Relationships are precious,
    do not hurt them by fooling
    and lying on first April / April Fool.

  • Hey U Know
    Which is the best day to propose a girl.. April 1
    U Know Why??
    If she accept its your luck
    otherwise just tell April Foooooll.

Funny April Fools Pictures

Funny April Fools Pictures Funny April Fools Pictures Funny April Fools Pictures Funny April Fools Pictures Funny April Fools Pictures Funny April Fools Pictures Funny April Fools Pictures

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